Jamecia is a certified paralegal and business strategist. She teaches everyday people the tools needed to launch and manage a profitable business with corporate structures.

A little bit more about Jamecia…

Jamecia is the CEO and Founder of Learn Grow and Impact Online Academy and Alliance Paralegal and Tax Group, LLC. Jamecia was born in a small town in Haiti. She migrated to the United States at a very young age to live with her father. The journey was scary as she did not understand at such a young age why she had to leave her mother, but eventually she started to learn english and realized how different life was and all the opportunities available. Growing up in a third world country, it wasn’t always easy living with no running water or electricity in the home.

It was tough living in the United States with no mother and no one else to look up to. Jamecia became teenmother and ended up homeless. But it was at that moment that she made the decision to take control of her life. She pushed herself to go to school and eventually graduated high school top of her class. Her mother did not have a high school diploma and she became the first to break those generational barriers. She continued with her career and obtained her college degree.

She started to mentor young teens so they can avoid negative behaviors and achieve success. Jamecia’s hope is to encourage their ambition, empower their confidence and help them stay on track. This is her way to pay it forward.

She also founded her own charity foundation in Haiti with a different system of education and healthcare. Her main focus is women and children. She understands that migrating to the United States changed her life and she wants to use the same tools she learned to help the less fortunate.

My Approach is simple!

– Women tend to run in the same old tired circles in the name of “supporting” each other. This is dangerous. You are running a business not a support group. Friends and family do not make a business thrive, go out and learn how to acquire REAL clients…you know the ones that actually write checks. I will assist with real systems That’s the only way to make money!

– Be consistent! Don’t get caught up in every new fad that comes up. You can’t do it all. When you find something that works, stick to it and do MORE of it. There will NEVER be a magic pill to make your business thrive, but sticking to the basics, being consistent and slowly adding in new strategies will get you where you want to go.

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