i’M jamecia arestil

Mom Wife Entrepreneur

Helping You Get Clarity On Your Career Path

Do you ever feel stuck?

 I would love to help you develop, organize and manage  your business  ventures.

Most women entrepreneurs  have a true passion for their businesses, but where they fall short is forgetting to run their business like a business. I realize we focus too much on how good we are and we forget to  learn the right techniques in running a successful business. 


Career Building

It all starts with setting your career goals and I’m here to help you have a clear vision, develop your skills, knowledge, attitude and competence!

You don’t have to be shy about becoming the best version of YOU!


What others are saying...

Thank you Jamecia for helping with the growth of our church. We really appreciate your determination and focus you put to complete our 501c3 process and tax issues. 

Pastor Michelet Manius 

Jamecia knows her stuff. I get great service from her year after year. She’s been doing  my taxes since 2014.


She speaks my language. She helped me when I was starting my LLC. She knows her stuff.  I feel confident in starting my business. If you need help, she can help, you will not be disappointed… 


Jamecia is trustworthy and a very devoted person. She’s professional and most importantly a great listener. She  loves helping people.